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Cookies Policy

Effective: January 30, 2020 creates and sells customized handmade products that bring smiles to the faces of people. We promote a positive lifestyle, optimism, support, and encouragement. With a strong commitment to protecting the data of our customers, we implemented the following cookies policy to inform our customers about the type of data we collect, how we manage it, and why we need them. 

What Are the Cookies? 

Cookies are the text files that are autogenerated when you use online services. uses cookies for the following reasons:

  • To make your experience more comfortable and convenient
  • To remember and process your payment faster for repeated purchases
  • To analyze and better the services and products we offer
  • To monitor your experience at our website and improve it
  • To enhance the functionality of our website browsing experience and functionality
  • To draft personalized marketing messages

If you are accessing for the first time, you are required to accept our policy. If we introduce any new policies, you may be requested to confirm your consent again during the next visit. If you do not agree with our cookies policy, please do not continue using the website. 

Types of Cookies Collects

At, we collect the following types of cookies:

  • Sessions. Session cookies are collected during one session period. When you restart your device or close the window, the persistent cookies remain. 
  • Marketing cookies. We rely on third parties to manage our marketing and advertising activities. Our approved and verified marketing partners may use cookies to advertise items and services, monitor ad performance, and review advertising campaigns. 
  • Server logs. Tracking technologies collect and store such technical information as your IP address and device information. 
  • Device identifiers. We collect and store information about your device, including UUID and location for the sole purpose of speeding up the service delivery and improving your navigation at the website. 
  • Transaction identifiers. As the use of implies payment online, we access and store transaction identifiers to update payment statuses and track your purchase history at
  • Analytics. may use Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics services to track and evaluate your experience on the website. 

Third-Party Advertising cooperates with several advertising agencies that may display their advertisements at Our company approves each ad request and ensures only related products and services are displayed to our customers. We try our best to ensure ads are relevant and of interest to you. 

Authorized third-party advertisers may collect online data about our website visitors. Such online data does not contain personally-identifying information. The cookies collected by advertisers may include the products you viewed, clicked links, interest data, geographic location based on IP, and search terms. The purpose of collecting this data is to analyze the effectiveness of ads and the quality of your interaction with the displayed advertisement. If you have any questions about our advertising policy or think any of the displayed advertisements is inappropriate, please contact us at

Cookies Opt-Out

You have the option to control your cookies by manipulating the settings of your individual browser.  Please check your computer or cell phone for information and guidelines on how to activate or deactivate a tracking system. Please note, if you deactivate cookies, some of the services may work no as intended, including your login and password, history of payments, and other information related to your navigation at our website. If you deactivate cookies, the deactivation will be valid only for that device or browser. To opt-out, you need to deactivate cookies in all browsers and on all devices you use to access

Policy Updates

This cookies policy is reviewed and updated periodically. Please check on the effective date on the top of this page to make you have current information. Please review this policy each time you visit our website. If we use cookies and other collected and stored data in any manner other than specified above, we will notify you via the email address you used during the registration process. If you do not agree to our cookies policy, we advise stopping using our services. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our cookies policy, please email us at or send a regular mail at

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