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When you choose to buy LapaTOON products, you not only receive a made-with-love souvenir that will last for many years but also make your own contribution to the middion of making our society more tolerant, open-minded and supportive of individual differencies and special needs.

This month meet our friends - Your Sunshine, a 501© 3 charitable nonprofit organization that was created by a core group of enthusiastic and philanthropic people. Your Sunshine’s mission is to enrich and improve the social, physical, emotional, and recreational capabilities of all children, youth, and adults, so that they can fully discover and develop their full potential, and be prepared to make a positive impact in the world. The main objective driving each new day at Your Sunshine is to turn limitations into possibilities.


All LapaTOON products are made in USA using real wood. We use only natural materials that are safe for users as well as for the environment. Real wood cards are handmade, eco-friendly, durable, and can be recycled. At LapaTOON, we are committed to community servicing and donate part of our earnings to non-profit organizations.


Funny Birthday Card
Funny Birthday Card
Personalized Wooden Postcards
Test custom card
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Test custom card
Personalized Wooden Postcards

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Robert Rodriguez Jr
United States of America
I gave my GF this card for valentines day, and she loved it. It's very unique from just the standard paper card. She could tell that it was a well thought out gift, instead of just a regular card from the grocery store.

The only downside was writing a message inside the card with a ballpoint pen. It seems to work better with a felt tip. Still, its a wonderful product. Thank you!
United States of America
This is one of the cutest cards I have ever bought. I wasn't sure what to expect. I was concerned that it would be flimsy and easily breakable, but I was so wrong. It's very sturdy wood and comes with its own envelope. I'd highly suggest this to anyone who wants to give a completely different card to a love one.
Jairo Perez
United States of America
The Handmade wooden card is amazon. The whole product overall was great. Very very very original and the packaging was awesome. Inside the mailing package was a tan envelope with a small rope tied around and made it look very special. There was even a smiley face inside the packaging thanking me for the purchase:) the card was great and only con is that it was a tad on the small side, so smaller than typical cards you can get al Walgreens, hallmark, etc.
Leah Lee
United States of America
He loved it! It’s very cute and it came with a little piece of construction paper to write on.
United States of America
This was just too cute! I also would have loved to have the inside not have a scene of a cloud. Maybe hearts or something that seems to go with it but my husband loved it just the same. Thank you for such a cute cute card that can be saved for years!!
United States of America
This is such a cute and original card I'm glad I bought it and we can look back on it as my third anniversary to him

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