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LapaTOON is the company that stands for quality, durability, personal touch, and care for the community and environment. Established in 2012, LapaTOON currently provides handmade unique products to customers worldwide.  Each and every product is designed and made with care and love. 

Our Benefits and Why Customers Love LapaTOON products

  •   Made in the USA –  LapaTOON products are made in the United States using local materials only. No production is outsourced.  No materials are ordered from the outside.
  •   Made of real wood – LapaTOON uses only real wood and high quality paper in production. We care about impact on the environment and recycle production wastes.
  •   Community commitment – LapaTOON is an active contributor to community development. In addition to donating part of its revenues to charitable and non-profit organizations, we strive to increase awareness about autistic spectrum disorder, promote tolerance toward differences, and support LGBTQ movement.
  •   Handmade products – LapaTOON products are handmade. It means all designs and shapes are you unique. We are second to none, and we are proud to deliver high quality products that exceed expectations and create great mood for days.
  •   Eco-friendly and durable – Made of real wood and eco-friendly materials, LapaTOON products can be recycled. Moreover, you can a new personal note and present LapaTOON cards repeatedly.

Types of Products

  Wood cards

We offer over 2,000 unique cards made of wood. You will find foldable cards and postcards. LapaTOON cards are bright in colors and feel so natural by touch! We have cards for all possible occasions.

  Customized products and puzzle systems

LapaTOON offers a broad range of customized products. There is a personalization option for the majority of cards we offer. With care for utility and practical usability, many of our products can be used for multiple purposes. For example, puzzle systems can serve as a Christmas tree decoration, stands and holders for your phone, etc.

  Cartoon maker

Cartoon maker is a special addition to our service. You can cartoonize yourself or your friend, apply your personal image to a card, or turn yourself into a super-awesome hero!  Not only your kids, but also friends, family members, and co-workers will definitely enjoy it!

 Kids art

At LapaTOON, we love kids and kids art! We offer an opportunity to turn a picture drawn by your child into a wooden masterpiece!

  Wedding products

Wedding is a very special day filled with love, tears of joy, and happiness. LapaTOON has a special collection of wedding products. Including “save the date”, wedding programs, name cards, table cards, and even menus. We will help you make your wedding day truly special!

  Office products

Office products are a special category at LapaTOON. For our corporate clients, we offer name plates, business card holders, and magnet sets. We also produce BRAILLE office products. Office products by LapaTOON strengthen your brand and add sustainability message to your business.

LapaTOON products will help you say the words of love, support, and encouragement. Branded wood products will make your wedding day special, business office eco-friendly, and kids’ art engraved on wood for many years to last. 

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